Our Passion


In May 2017 Red Soil donated half of its proceeds from our sales to Beauty Of Africa, a non-profit based in Vancouver, BC. Together we reached and helped over 600 school kids in rural Zimbabwe receive school supplies whose caregivers could not afford them.

 Each year our goal is to return to Zimbabwe and Southern Africa to continue our connections and friendships with the local schools, children and teachers.


2018 Goal:

We have a goal to help finish the main structure of Hurudza Primary school. The Zimbabwean government funds schools and their funding pays for only the teacher’s salaries. Some children cannot afford to pay school fees and the fees are used to pay for the development of their school’s infrastructure. Many schools have only temporary structures until the funds come in from the school fees. Many families are unable to pay the full year's funds for their kids, leaving the infrastructure of the schools at a stand still.